Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Equinox Cookies

Spring Equinox, Equal Day Equal Night Spring is Here Cookies! I'm on my way to a party for my lucky friend who celebrates her own birthday on Spring Equinox each year, I want to rename her Goddess of the Dawn, Eostara. I've made this special version of Greek butter cookies. The Sun is neither closest to the Earth, Winter Solstice, nor farthest from the Earth, Summer Solstice. We are at the point of equilibrium. Every Springtime many people appreciate outdoor activity, fresh air, plant growth and friendship again. May you have a joyous day of balance and renewal.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Break excursion in the Windy Snow

It was a dark and stormy day. Mama Bear said to her cub inside their warm little cave, "We have no reason to leave, we are cozy and the wind outside is howling, the snow is flying." The weather had been like this for days and days and they had seen no sun or fresh air. The little cub complained, "We have plans to go and see what our friends have put up in the museum, please Mama Bear can we put on our scarfs and explore." Since we had no school we bundled up with sleighs, water bottles, imaginations and colored pencils and headed out into the wind. Many battles and adventures ensured on our journey to and from our destination but the best part was our arrival at the wonderful museum hall.

So many bright pictures to look at! Some of our ancestors Mary Pratt and Walter Tandy Murch shared with us paintings that made us wonder, giggle and ponder. The little cub made a book copying the works of Walter Tandy Murch and titled his works as follows: the Lightning Samurai, The Flight of Heaven, zaezo, The Town of Makers, Untitled. This little family of bears is so happy to have had the chance to catch "The Spirit of Things" exhibit and recommends it with two paws up. You and your family of artists should check it out before April 18th 2010 if you're close by. Pictured below: The Town of Makers by Bergen inspired by The Gravity Experiment by Walter Murch and The Lightning Samurai inspired by the same exhibit.

Rejoicing in Daylight Savings

Time skipped ahead an hour and my mentality about waking up in the morning is so much better. Daylight savings time has allowed me to get into synch with my baby who has been waking up a few minutes prior to sunrise for several weeks. It is amazing to think that just a few numbers, the difference between 5:30 and 6:30 am, can change one's will to move so much. Sometimes it is easier to go with the flow and accept that the constructed way of seeing the day, which I have been taught and adhered to for so long, can help me reconnect with the movements of the earth in whatever small way. Whatever I needed, that extra surge and propulsion to wake up, I am extremely grateful to be at rhythm again with my more sky attuned babe.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

International Women's Day March 8th, 2010

The 21st century has brought about quite an introspective Women's Day for me and my community. I always mark this festivity with an interest in activism that stems from feminist thought. Past years I have attended lectures, performed spoken word and listened to many inspiring pieces of music. This year I've been lucky to pick up a book which I bought five years ago and hid away for a future revelry. Mary Daly has always intruiged me partly because of the names others have given her: theologian, philosopher, radical feminist, academic. I have read many elaborations on language and excepts in Pure Lust and Gyn/ecology. This year she died and I realized that I needed to rediscover her classic text "Beyond God the Father." Brought up in the Evangelical Christian tradition, I knew this work would be an exciting adventure. Here is a taste of some of the principal thoughts I have enjoyed thus far in this beautifully illustrated text. Beyond God the Father includes Mary's careful consideration of other 20th century contemporary theologians. It is a slow and labourious read filled with pain and creativity. I will continue my journey throughout this week and really treat myself to some more of this landmark book:

"It would be naive to think that the healing of the divided self can take place in one act. A truly healing insight involves a will to change that externalizes itself in continually unfolding action, so that the insight grows and action becomes more meaningful. ...

in self-liberation women are performing the most effective action possible toward universal human liberation, making available to men the fullness of human being that is lost in sexual hierarchy. To oppose the essential lovelessness of the sexually hierarchical society is the radically loving act. Seen for what it is, the struggle for Justice opens the way to a situation in which more genuinely loving relationships are possible."

Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father, Chapter Two: Exorcising Evil from Eve: The Fall into Freedom.

On her website and in this book Mary asks us to remember activism.

An excellent cooperative news source that I always return to for exciting and invigorating perspectives is a project driven by an amazing community:

It doesn't take much to realize that we cannot only consume media driven toward profit. The human interest of our economies of paper, plastic, water, energy and skills must be accurately and profoundly portrayed in media. I'm glad that so many people share their talents here in the most beautiful and striking balances. I expect to include more reviews of books, music and websites along with an everchanging understanding of divinity here on my weblog. I know that this Monday many people will be thinking about women & their ever changing impact in the world. I am glad to be a part of an international community dedicated to change and continued understanding.