Saturday, August 21, 2010

august kicks off

I thought it would be important to throw my stone in the stream before August concludes.
This series is another bit of phone loveliness. My son grooving in the waterfowl park this spring. One of these images was a link in this blog to Sappyfest which engulfed downtown Sackville on the first weekend in August. Its always so hectic, full of beauty and irony. I really enjoyed some of the fantastic live music shows, serving up breakfast with old friends, and welcoming visitors into the festival.

August is so busy since everyone tries to get that last little bit of summer adventure in before the heat disperses. I'm not worried, I know the fall and winter bring many an adventurous trip.

I love this last pic, a pause in the midst of rhythm and dance.
I'm heading out into the wilderness shortly for a 24 hour
journey for a very special celebration. oh yay...

I just got this short little diddy musicworm in my head:
A wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard one day
My father got his gun, shot it up they ran away ok
A wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard
And as my own dog ran away with them I didnt say much of anything at all ....
A wild pack of family dogs came runnin through the yard
As my little sister played the dogs took her away
And I guess she was eaten up ok yeah
My mothers cryin' blood dust now
My daddy quit his job today
I guess he was fired but thats ok
And I'm sitting outside by my mud lake
Waiting for the pack to take me away
Right after I die, the dogs start running up towards the glowing sky
They will receive their rewards........ Modest Mouse-The Moon and Antarctica

This album stuck in my discman for several years and this is one of the few songs out of all songs ever that I would put on repeat. I'm not really into listening to the same song over and over in a row but this one feels like a round that needs to be repeated until you're through with it. Look up the tune if you like its the melody and bass line that really get me.