Thursday, February 11, 2010

the wheel of the year- sharing creativity

Chinese New Year & the New Moon are coming up this weekend. I really enjoy when many differnet traditions share holidays so all the hearts and love of valentines mingling with the arrival of the Year of the Tiger is exciting and invigorating. Its clear to me that the Chinese luni-solar year starts with the New Moon so as to promote entering a new phase or year with a clean slate and the best possible conditions for growth. Goodbye Ox and Welcome Tigress, I am planning a feast.

I received my cards right after attending a great little playgroup with my baby Ferguson.
Here in my town everyone goes to the post office and opens their own box. After I saw the package from Texas I waited until I was outside in the wind to open it and and found three bright hand stamped cards celebrating Imbolc, New Beginnings and Spring/Sun. I was really happy to get three cards as I have spent a lot of time meditating on the maiden/mother/crone aspects of Brigid during this holiday. In my preparations and studying for the celebrations I invited Brigid into my home/hearth with a steady flame and much creative thought this very chilly Canadian February. Even though we are still in the midst of snow and frost, the days have been getting longer which seemed the most noticeble right after Imbolc. There have certainly been a lot of new beginnings for me recently and I feel I have been able to face them with strength and imagination. With patience and faith I await Spring and the renewal it brings