Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer has arrived

If you explore this blog you may have noticed that I am an enthusiastic radio volunteer. This summer I am co-hosting the Friday local lunchtime news entitled Boardwalk Radio. We have done three shows so far and its really interesting trying to delve into contemporary issues in a dialectic sense. I have far too often tried to ignore important events happening around me and focus on my own health, perhaps out of necessity. Tune in online 11am-1pm Atlantic Time .

As you, my reader, would know the celebration of seasons and moon cycles is a part of my joyful spiritual life. This June has flown by with many impromptu arrivals at beaches and dusty overflowing dirt roads. Every back road I see is brimming with my favourite red clover, daisy and so many greens.

This Solstice seemed turmultuous but satisfying. We attended an awesome family Summer Solstice potluck. My community also hosted special several events so driving a friend home from the party I could sense the communal satisfaction that our summertime is here and we are all super happy to be here together, and the horses and cows too. Around here people let their horses and cattle out to the marsh to pasture all summer and they all look like super groovy little communities.

My second son celebrated his first birthday this month as well. What a momentous time, remembering my hugeness and the many other memories of near birth and just after birth time. The tide of memories seems so strong right now, its hard to stay grounded in the present and not drift in and out and past and future existences. The fog that surrounded the Tantramar from solstice eve until the day after around noon seems to have stuck with me. It was so special and beautiful at the time. This is definately an early morning meandering. I hope to have a few more succint tidbits to send out to you this summer. I dig stopping and snapping fuzzy cameraphone photos of events as they happen.