Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rock music on the radio and welcoming in the New Year

Happy New Year. Winter is here and blowing a beautiful snowy storm my way tonight. I had a great down home family winter solstice celebration with my children and another family. Many traditions were observed and some skipped this Christmas season, no Christmas eve church service and no skating on Christmas day both extremely dear traditions but better left aside in 2010. I attended a couple great house parties to ring in the new year and wore out my old highland dancing slippers rocking all through the town. I have been struggling with a lot of sorrow and many other emotions recently so celebrating the arrival of a new year rejuvenated some little part of my soul and I'm grateful.

My favourite radio station, local campus and community 106.9fm in Sackville New Brunswick, took a break during the holidays and played a mix of independent, folk, international, bluegrass and festive tunes non-stop. I am brimming with joy to hear the return of live programming with all the insights into different community member's music and discussion preferences, as well as their different production techniques. Its such a relief to wake up to the variety of a specialty psychedelic morning show, great syndicated news sources or a lovely folk/rock/blues goddess sharing tunes I've never heard before. Oh! kitchen and cozy times at home or even in my little car are much more exciting. The radio station that I love is also hosting the eighth annual Stereophonic music festival January 19-29th. I'm going to attend a few of the events, they all look groovy in their own unique way (I haven't missed a year yet). On air constant festival promotion has led me to ponder how many permutations different programmers can produce with the same music. It actually works to hear the same bands several times in a day since each programmer mixes them differently. Enjoy the winter storms and watch out for pheasants if you're driving around.