Sunday, September 11, 2011

summer is almost by

I guess I pretty much skipped summer blogging. I actually have felt the pull many times but my computer has been misbehaving & won't upload my new pictures which frustrates me and then I walk away back to tangible things. I had some great review ideas for Sackville's summer music party Sappyfest but will save them as a fall treat.

Full Moon tomorrow. I've been remembering to include ritual and reflection into my daily routine a lot more regularly. I have moved to a new apartment, new City and I'm back in school. I love going to class and researching any subject in depth. I'm feeling very grateful and privledged to spend time learning about human physiology & all its complexity. Its all very new and I entered this course fully acknowledging that my base level of understanding was quite low. So I study & study some more and don't forget to play with the kids and laugh and smile.

I continue my love of Great Coffee and have been exploring all different roasts. I love to take time cooking whole foods with patience. There is always much to discover in the food department. Today I had a delicious Pineapple, Peach & Spinach smoothie while rereading & writing out notes. Just thought I'd take a slight break and say more robust greetings to come once exams are through and my computer is friendlier.

This picture is two years old but captures the back to school vibe.
Yo! Peace to my Canada. (MC Lyte)