Friday, November 30, 2012

Cataract Here

Hey Blogesphere, Usually I post late Sappyfest artistic impressions. It has come to my attention that this year I did not take on photography as a past time at the festival. Instead I picked up a couple of records. Hopefully I'll play some of them on air very soon. Pictured behind me is a an album I decided was a great investment. Not only does it look like an alien engineered space rock on the cover, it also has a very mesmerizing presence. Many amazing experiences were had at the little town rock festival this past summer. Pansophical Cataract by Man Forever was one of several exciting purchases. I haven't been on the air since my post-sappy fest radio show. I don't generally keep a track list but I know it was a blast as usual to dwell in that booth zone. I'll definitely be on air again soon. is where I keep a vague record of my radio missions.
I was listening to some hip hop in my car today and reminiscing on all the diverse programming I have had the pleasure to experience on the radio. The best part of listening to the radio sometimes is that choice to continue to tune in or then again switch to cd or another station. Until next time the force is with you. Yours Truly Atlantic Muse.

Looked this up because I kept thinking of the medical condition. Happy to have found multiple meanings.

    noun /ˈkatəˌrakt/ 
    cataracts, plural
    1. A large waterfall

      • A sudden rush of water; a downpour
        • - the rain enveloped us in a deafening cataract
      • A medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision
        • - she had cataracts in both eyes

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