Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cool Breeze

Have been wondering of late if I will have the time for these short rhymes. Still would like to return. Took a walk to the ocean recently.
For now I'll share this cool video. 

Communique No.1 from Ainslie Moss on Vimeo.

Later, I think I will share more fun photos after I get around to charging my rechargeable batteries for my ten year old digital camera that sighs after ever photo. Somehow It still catches my fancy, with its frustrations. I usually hesitate to give up on technology that still works and holds huge amounts of sentimentalities to it.


  1. Thanks for sharing that video.

    Carefully crafted posts are good, but sometimes you just have to type and let whatever is building up come out on the screen.

    I know what you mean about old technology. I still hang on to my old VCRs. Still work!

  2. things are only as fucked up as they seem good message for kids i guess