Friday, April 30, 2010


Beltane, a chance to celebrate the union of the Lady & Lord. I am always excited thinking of the spring fires and young couples enjoying jumping the flames. Wouldn't it be awesome to jump with all your might over a fire with your hands tightly wound around those of your companion.

Opening the gates of apprehension, accepting our visions to speak to the truths of our world, the one we live in and move in. Driving around in the pouring rain today was beautiful. I am trying to understand the way an engine works after many years of believing it was unnecessary. I don't think I will ever lose the yearning for the days of pilgrimages and spending a week to go on a trip to get a few supplies. I've succumbed to the fact that I would rather make a speedy journey to the closest big store(or beach) on my own than having to spend all my time on the planning of some one else taking me. I'm sure I will have more to say on our auto-society in a future blog-note. I am also sure my strong spirit of conservation will continue. Today I'll celebrate that my own little engine fire is started and well on its way to being an accomplished driver of a family. Wishing us all safety & joyfulness this May Day!

Listened to a great radio program today.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Favorite Film Triptych

I enjoy watching movies, however I often don't make time to enjoy one of the most varied art forms of our age. In the past little while I have watched three films that I really enjoyed and wanted to pass on my reviews and recommendations. Warning. If you don't like slow movies that require a certain amount of patience don't watch my picks. I really do have a love affair with movies that seem to slow the pace of life, allowing all the beautiful refractions of light and detail to the surface.

Here is the triptypch of films that I've recently really enjoyed:

L'heure d'été , Fierce Light , Emotional Arithmetic

These three tie together perfectly in my mind. Each deals with the origins and preservation of memories and important creations of families within communities. Each also deals with mourning in its own unique way. I watched each of these with the baby napping on me in some quiet time. The movies really helped me escape into another landscape and the emotional dramas of each of them kept me glued to my TV screen.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

old leaves contributing to new forest growth

I find myself fascinated with moss and rotting earth.
All the snow has melted leaving the earth littered with random hats, mittens, trash and so on. Its fun to try and gues
s when some of these crumbled up items were left behind. My son and I discussed this for awhile on a rainy walk and agreed we are really looking forward to clean sweep day in town when lots of families go around cleaning up as much of the town as possible. The old rotted leaves in the woods on our most recent hike really show the intense
regrowth and decomposition going on around us. It seems this time of year a lot of random emotional junk can surface and hopefully new insights and directions will be gained.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Christian Roots

My Easter Altar, baskets for searching and a few delicious chocolates hidden away for Sunday or Monday:

My altar has some craft pom poms that we will use during this extended break from school. A little lamb from a craft at Imbolc, also a lot of lamb imagery used in Christian teachings. A gardening book to get me thinking about what small plant projects I can take on this year, my thumb is far from green. My lovely mother angel. The box with a medieval cross on it was previously full of cards that I have almost finished giving out in the past 5 or so years. Now its home to a lovely art game, a great reminder to play many games this weekend.

I really enjoyed Palm Sunday at church with my sons & mother. For my spiritual path I have found it essential to attend a Christian church. I want my children to understand and appreciate our heritage and make their own decisions. All sides of our family tree has very strong Christian roots, thus it is important for us to examine and celebrate Christianity together. Hosanna! How beautiful it was to see all the kids dancing around the church pews with palm leaves, smiling and everyone singing together.

I am still getting a few pages of Mary Daly in every few days, the baby has had a bad cold & teething fever. It feels very right to be reading this radical feminist theologian as my Lenten project.

I wish everyone a lovely Break as families gather together and spend time breathing in the new fresh season of renewal. Just finishing up another batch of Spring is here, Bunnies and good cheer Greek Butter cookies.

Love Heidi