Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Day Hurray!

I love Earth Day! Its always been highlighted in some way by meaningful reflections. I remember as a school kid celebrating and focusing on environmentalism. This year My friends and I organized an Earth Day hike through the Amherst Bird Sanctuary. It was amazing with ten young children and many mothers and fathers. We headed off a bit late ... but made it to the beautiful mother tree and all the kids gave a big circle hug. Then we hiked for over an hour through wonderfully hilly trails and not too much mud. We saw lots of critters including chickadees, robins, blue jays and even a fe
w deer at the end. Everyone felt loved by the Earth and our family of friends. We got bug & fairy tattoos, rice cakes, chocolate cupcakes and other snacks and lots of water. I had spent a lot of time thinking about Bees before arriving so choose a bee tattoo for myself.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Foggy Coffee at Noon

I was reading a ton of Broken Pencil magazines a month ago while I was finishing up my zine "Sista Yo Bro." There is this subgenre of zines entitled perzines in that they mostly contain the author's personal reflections. I realized that this is a seasonally themed perblog. I'm pretty autobiographically and definately try to hold back on all the details by sticking to a general theme of celebrations and holidays. An old friend of mine had suggested I blog in 2001 when I was doing an intensive study of French Feminism during my Philosophy degree. I wish I had at times but really didn't get it then. Probably still don't totally get it. I only used the internet for hotmail and "anti-globalization" activism at that time and really had no idea how to surf. I actually still find internet surfing for the most part aggravating since I often can't find the right in. That's why I have this site to bookmark cool little ramblings I find. I will just conclude with a wednesday Shout Out! I've been staying home and reading a lot since I have an awfully draining head cold. Probably dangerous to publish under these conditions but I feel like this is such an excellent unique opportunity when I've been able to just slow down and read on and off five different books intensively and sip tea and coffee in a cozy sweater without having to push myself to get too much done. Sometimes when I'm reading I often feel like I should get up and do more but today I know reading is just right for me. The pictures featured are me cherished my coffee and this extremely brain fogged fluish day & some in reverse colour appreciation of my zine.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A season change, dreams and muddy realities

Been journeying around lately. March was spectacular. Usually we have a huge family party for March's Spring Equinox. This year the event was so close to the full moon that an excellent gathering of three women came about. We had a wonderful look at the unusually large and beautiful event that the moon herself provided.

Hockey season is over and I really did enjoy spending ice time with my eldest skating superstar. My little one is proving to be an awesome drummer.

So many highlights have happened since my last post. As usual the earth spins and obstacles jump right in front of you. The funeral for a beautiful brother-in-spirit Josh was on the actual Spring Equinox. He was a spectacular person. I know my eldest son learned and played a lot with him and I'm most sad that my youngest won't get the same chance to spend more times with him. We loved you Josh. He was a an amazing rural shepherd with a dedication to family that none could match.

Everyone around is really excited to spend time socializing comfortably out of doors. I also spent a weekend attending a great conference a handmade assembly and was inspired particularly by two artists Janet Morton and Candice Tarnowski. Lots of folks in Sackville attended lectures, workshops and celebrations during this conference. I loved sharing my zine and trading for new material.

I started a new radio show in March. Condensation has really been rocking my Saturday mornings after I grab my grub at the local Farmer's Market.